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What to Look for When Changing Ownership

Businesses in Kansas City are constantly changing ownership structures for many different reasons. It could be the result of a capital injection, a new hire or an exit.

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Kansas City Start-Up Question I Hear Often

The Question I hear most from Start-Ups in Kansas City “Should I form an LLC or a corporation?” No matter if I am at 1 Million Cups, hanging out at We-Work, iWerx or Westport Commons, when I am talking about business law in Kansas City with Start-Ups...

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When Approaching the Cliff, Check Your Vesting

I commonly see Start-Ups and other early-stage businesses in Kansas City offering equity to employees as an incentive to hire high-level talent.

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Crafting Your Corporate Documents from A “Ball of Clay”

Imagine your corporate documents — an operating agreement, bylaws, or partnership contracts — are a ball of clay.

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