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Contract Law Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

Whatever industry you’re in, agreements with third-party vendors, contractors and even your office building’s management company can be scrutinized for a variety of reasons. We work with businesses in Kansas City to create, review, negotiate and amend for the enforcement and defense of contracts in nearly all areas related to civil law. Even a relatively simple contract can present complicated problems if not drafted with strategy and care. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your goals are at the forefront while your interests are being protected.

If you’re either accused of or feel as though someone else has breached their contract, Kansas City business lawyer Jeff Coppaken can help. He will work on your behalf to settle the dispute efficiently through negotiation, mediation or arbitration; however, if you and the other party can’t come to an agreement, he will fight aggressively on your behalf in court if necessary. Contract disputes can be costly and have the potential to ruin reputations; if you’re drafting or accused of a contract breach, make sure you have an experienced contract law attorney on your side.

Contract Law Attorney

Contact Jeff Coppaken if you need assistance with Contract formation, review or negotiation. Jeff has over 15 years of business experience to assist you.