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Chad M.

Jeff is very responsive, I have never had trouble reaching him to get my questions answered His willingness to discuss options instead of sticking to a single idea or path is refreshing. Timely results, multiple options & availability allow us to work well together.


Andy T.

Jeff's business acumen and experience are beyond what I've ever seen in another attorney. He sees the risks and liabilities that a lawyer needs to see, but is able to balance that against the upside and benefits of any entrepreneurial venture. This balance makes him a perfect fit to counsel entrepreneurs involved in newer ventures. His cool demeanor and comfort in business and the law allow his clients to stay focused on chasing opportunities and growing their businesses.

-Restaurant Owner

Todd C.

Jeff’s previous business experience enabled him to better understand our issues and articulate his thoughts back to us in a clear understandable form. Jeff has a warm and inviting personality that not only made my legal experience more enjoyable, but he also was interested in learning how he could help me with my business from a networking perspective as well. I have made him my first call council.

-Trucking & Transportation