Business Disputes

Are you a business owner in the Kansas City metro? If you answered yes, you are more than likely involved in one or more contractual relationships. From corporate governance documents, purchase agreements, employment contracts, rental agreements to contracts with suppliers, there are many contractual obligations that go along with being a business owner. Most business relationships start off well, two or more parties come together and have one or more common goals, thus forming a relationship.

Often as a Kansas City business attorney that I draft these contracts. The clients come together with their terms, we develop a mutually agreed upon contract, and a business relationship begins. Duties are fulfilled, and contractual obligations are met. It is not unlikely, though, for a dispute to occur.

In my experience, I have seen both costly and stressful situations come from a business dispute. Occasionally the parties are able to work through their disagreement, but more frequently than not the concerned parties refer the matter to their attorneys. I have come across instances from a simple misunderstanding of what is expected, to an actual breach of contract resulting in litigation.

The best advice I can give when forming relationships through contracts that have a direct impact on your business is to have a business attorney draft or review your contracts for you. An attorney will help properly memorialize and draft the agreements, while making sure that all terms and language are clear to both parties. Avoiding contract-based challenges in your business will save you time and money.

If you need assistance with a business dispute in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lenexa, Lee’s Summit or anywhere else in the Kansas City metro,  call Jeff with the Coppaken Law Firm. 913.225.8951

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